We offer a wide range of digital and mobile solutions that enable
clients to simply, quickly and safely manage their finances. We deliver loans,
savings and more.


We offer loans for individuals, microenterprises and SMEs. The amounts vary by country from a few euros to more than €300,000. Our financing makes it possible to meet any type of financing need, especially for informal entrepreneurs.

We offer savings accounts, current accounts and also term deposits for private customers, microenterprises and SMEs, and companies. Our savings products allow clients to benefit from the best conditions on the market while protecting their liquidity.

In some markets we also offer insurance, payments and money transfer solutions. Finally, beyond financial services, we offer access to energy, clean water and technology solutions through Baobab+.


As part of our social performance strategy, we are committed to assisting Baobab customers beyond financial services. Baobab+ offers innovative, non-financial products to improve and transform the daily lives of African people and support their sustainable economic development.

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